Why Hire an SIOR?

In 2001, I became one of the 3,100 members in the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR). To this date, I am the only one in Manitoba with an SIOR designation. This designation is synonymous with trust in the world of commercial real estate - only skilled and educated commercial and office real estate professionals are eligible.

Here’s why you should consider hiring an SIOR:

Code of Ethics

SIORs deliver an unmatched commercial real estate experience, connecting and creating opportunities often over looked by the average broker. Trust between the broker and client is the top-priority of SIORs.
This trust can be found in the code of ethics every SIOR is required to follow. Some of these ethical standards include:

  • Being honest always with all parties involved
  • Acting in best interest of those who will benefit from your conduct
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Anti-discrimination policies

Every SIOR member is expected to follow this code. If you choose to work with someone holding this designation, you’re also working with a trustworthy professional.

Vast Market

A huge advantage to adding an SIOR to your team is the vast market in which they work. You can find members in over 685 cities and 36 countries. Where you and your business go, you’ll be sure to find an SIOR. On average, SIORs complete more than 82,000 transactions per year worldwide!


One of the many benefits of hiring an SIOR includes the ongoing education. This allows SIORs to enhance knowledge and remain on the leading edge of professional, industrial, and technological practices. This continuous education builds a foundation that separates good deals from great deals.

You don’t just become an SIOR overnight. It takes a tenacious person to complete the education. These brokers are the best of the best. When hiring an SIOR, you know you’re hiring a person who takes their job seriously.

Meaningful Relationships

The value of a long-term relationship is something SIORs strive for. Their understanding of not just what the client wants and needs, but who they are as a person. Not only are they some of the most respected realtors around the world, but they also respect others.

Having an SIOR designee on your team can change the way your company efficiently operates forever. You’re guaranteed ground breaking research in industry and business standards, as well as an incomparable experience for your clients. There’s nothing you can lose when adding an SIOR member to your team.

Sandy Shindleman, CCIM, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, CIPS


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