The Importance of Having Good Neighbours

Not only is it important to have good neighbours where you live but even more important for your business.  When you are in a strip mall and have neighbours on the other side of the wall from you, having a bad neighbor can be the difference between a thriving business or a struggling one, especially if you are in the business of serenity. 

A prime example is the Pocca Poca Spa at 840 Waverley Street.  Their entire business is based around tranquility and peace.  So, what happens when a restaurant takes the undeveloped space next door?  Spa owners Mieko and Tomo, were very concerned when they heard a new tenant was taking the vacant space next door just six months after they had opened their own doors and were working on building up their clientele.  Luckily for Mieko and Tomo, their neighbor is the owner of Alfy’s Noodle House.  Unlike many others, he obviously cares to have his restaurant built so he can start earning a profit, but he was not willing to do it at the expense of his neighbours.  He has selflessly been working around Pocca Poca’s appointments so not to disrupt the peaceful ambience their customers have come to expect. 

I believe Alfy’s Noodle House will also be a thriving business when it opens in May as you can only expect that the same care will be put into the food he serves to his customers as the way he navigates his life. Thank you for being a good neighbor.  We are looking forward to your famous noodles.

The importance of good neighbours is often underappreciated.  By fostering a healthy and respectful relationship, everybody stands to gain – Richard Branson, Virgin Group.

Sandra Sumner
Associate Vice President, Property Management


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