Striving for Orange

Well, I completed my first work out at the beautifully-developed Orangetheory Fitness at Grant Park Festival the other night (great work Dino Alevizos!!) and, it was probably the hardest workout I’ve ever done! The peer pressure (I was there with two much younger girlfriends), was motivating, yet would have been a factor in my death had I dropped dead of a heart attack :) 

There are colour zones that you are meant to try to reach by running harder and faster. These colour zones are indicated on an overhead screen with your name on it, for all to see. “Stephanie” never got out of the green zone - regardless of how hard I was running or how steep my incline was. I learned later that my wrist monitor was not working as I had it hooked to the wrong part of my wrist. The lovely ladies at the front could see I was working my tail off and my efforts weren’t registering, but they thought I was enjoying the work out & didn’t want to interrupt me! How kind. I informed them that I was “grimacing” and grinding my teeth together - which I’m sorry they confused for a look of enjoyment!

I’m exaggerating, a little. The wonderful people at Orangetheory have done a great job of creating a work out that is challenging and fun for all levels, from the beginner to the “expert”…one colour level at a time.

Stephanie White Willitts
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