Portage property owner says help for newcomers must be top of mind

Shindico president Sandy Shindleman, originally from Portage la Prairie, heard the news of Ukrainian newcomers to the city who were in need of a home and stepped up to the plate...full story

Entrepreneur from Portage helps two Ukrainian families with housing

A property owner who hails from Portage la Prairie has greatly assisted some Portage newcomers from Ukraine...full story

Two years after COVID closure, this Exchange District restaurant is making a comeback

Hermanos is set to reopen its doors in May 2022, with some upgrades. Bernier said work is being done to install an air purification system. Though crews are working to spruce up the restaurant, Bernier said it will look exactly the way it did when it opened 15 years ago...full story

Selkirk a model of progressive planning

Through several innovative and forward-thinking planning policies, Selkirk is beginning to stake a claim as the most progressive city in Manitoba...full story

Retail resurgence

Shops of Kildonan Mile project will also include luxury lodgings...full story

Commercial real estate sees record-breaking Canada-wide land rush

The Winnipeg market had been steady for the last 20 years, but what we have seen in the last 18 months has been insatiable demand for land and commercial space...full story

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