S.L., Long & McQuade, Winnipeg, MB

Long & McQuade was anxious to relocate our Winnipeg South location, wanting to transition from a lease to an ownership position. We acquired some land but after 18 months of work became entangled in some unfortunate development issues. At that point we strategically switched gears and focused our search on existing stock in the market, as our timelines constricted,  a very narrow market for our needs of a big floor plate, parking and high ceilings, which led us to a building on Pembina Hwy controlled by Shindico. Through a happenstance friendship that started with Sandy Shindleman renting a Clarinet for his daughter from one of our managers at our store I was able to able to get on the phone with Sandy while he was away on business. Over the next week I negotiated a deal, mostly over email, at times relegated to nothing more than one or two numbers as the entire body of the email. Both parties did this in good faith, the way deals used to be done, with the ‘hand shake’ being the most important part. Most impressively, over the weekend after we struck our deal Sandy received offers on the same property that could be construed as better, but he stood by his word. We closed the deal, we renovated, and we transformed an old stock commercial building on South Pembina into the nicest music instrument retail store in Canada, maybe even North America.  Thank you to Sandy and Shindico for helping us get from there to here!