Q&A with a Professional – Mark Scaletta – the other Scaletta!

We picked the brain of our newest industrial real estate professional, Mark Scaletta, to find out his thoughts on the commercial real estate industry and how he’s enjoying working at Shindico.

1. What were your expectations upon joining the Commercial Real Estate industry?

I had many conversations with my brother Robert prior to entering the Commercial Real Estate industry.  I was intrigued by the challenge of trying to meet the needs of business owners/managers and the challenge of trying to satisfy their real estate needs.  Robert has been in the industry for almost 20 years, so I know I will be in good hands with him and the entire Shindico team.

2. Now that you have been with Shindico for a couple months, what do you know now about the industry?

My couple months at Shindico have been very eye opening. I have realized I have a lot to learn.  I have spoken with many commercial real estate agents in the industry and that has helped me understand that this will be an on-going process.  I try to ask lots of questions and learn from my mistakes.  In my 20 years of sales I have always said “I will make mistakes, but I won’t make them twice”.  There is a very positive attitude here at Shindico and that has helped me feel comfortable to ask questions while shadowing the other agents in the building.

3. How do you envision the next 6 months at Shindico going?

The next six months at Shindico will look like the previous few.  Learning, learning and more learning.  My goal is to continue to be better at what we do here at Shindico every day.


About Mark Scaletta, Sales Associate, Industrial

Mark joins Shindico with 20 years of sales experience.  He has worked in both the Telecommunications and Medical fields. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree from the Asper School of Business in 1998.

He is currently an active member with the Order of the Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge, where he has participated on their annual gala committees as well as donating time to the Italian Pavilion for Folklarama and Challenge for Life Cancercare fundraiser.

Much of Mark’s success can be attributed to his strong communication, relationship building, and organizational skills.

Mark is looking forward to joining his brother Robert, working with him in the Industrial field for the Shindico organization.


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