Tips for CRE Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most current, active and engaging form of marketing. Retailers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of all that social media has to offer. Every day more commercial real estate companies are participating on social media and engaging with their clients and consumers online.

Here are some ideas that could enhance your social media marketing:

- Use a Unique Hashtag:
Almost all social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) are driven by hashtags. So, with commercial real estate you can create your own hashtag (our favorites include #Winnipeg, #CRE, #Shindicool) that is unique to your company and used consistently with your content.

- Showcasing Achievements:
We are extremely proud of the hard work of our employees and brokers/agents. Why wouldn’t we want to showcase their achievements? Whether it be their speeches at real estate lunches, awards, retirement dinners etc., these can attract clients and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

- Providing Company Updates:
Posting a lot of commercial listings will not engage your followers. You need to use these tools as a place to provide updates on what is happening within your company. For example, company activities and events, tenant openings, new businesses coming soon, etc. This kind of content will provide an insiders perspective to your company’s inner workings.

- Repost Industry News:
Make sure your social media pages have a balance of valuable news articles along with information about your company and listings. It’s best to share the articles, new developments and industry trends that your followers will find interesting.

- Add Visuals:
The easiest way to get your followers engaged is to, add an image, gif, video or a graphic. Almost all of our posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+ include an image to grab your attention. We also try to pose a question to start the conversation to further lead the discussion with our followers.


Kaleigh Baumgart
Marketing & Administration Manager


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