Q&A with a Professional – Jared Kushner a.k.a. “The Rookie”

We recently sat down with one of Shindico's newest team members, Jared Kushner, to find out more on how his first few months in the commercial real estate industry have been going and what his plans were for the future.

1. What were your expectations upon joining the Commercial Real Estate industry?

Upon joining the Commercial Real Estate industry, my initial expectations were that in order to succeed you have to start out as a “sponge” and absorb as much information as possible. I had the opportunity to meet with Sandy and Michael quite a few times prior to joining the Shindico leasing team and had the ability to pick their brains. My interest in Commercial Real Estate stems from both my mother who is a residential real estate agent as well as my travelling experiences. I have had the opportunity to see some incredible buildings along the way and am very excited for the projects I will be working on with Shindico.

2. Now that you have been with Shindico for a few months, what do you know now about the industry?

The Shindico motto is, “Succeeding by Helping Others Succeed.” This motto could not be more accurate. The individuals in the office are consistently wanting to help me learn and gain additional industry knowledge. That being said, I have learned the importance of asking questions and listening intently. Shindico has agents that have been working in Commercial Real Estate for over 20 years; and their expertise has always been at my disposal. I have also learned that at times Commercial Real Estate can be a bit of a battle against time and your competition.  It is important to recognize that there is an infinite amount of people looking for opportunities and advice on how/where to start their business. Whether you have a client that is looking to open a restaurant, relocate an office, or open a manufacturing warehouse, you need to know that time is of the essence. If your client is looking at a property, typically there are several others looking at the same one. Finally, I have learned that this industry has no limit. When you walk outside and realize that every parcel of land and every building is part of your inventory, it is easy to see that the growth potential is limitless.

3. How do you envision the next six months at Shindico?

The next six months I envision myself expanding my knowledge exponentially. Constantly talking with clients and fellow agents allows me to expand my knowledge regularly. I look forward to what lies ahead in my Shindico career and keeping with their motto of helping others succeed.


About Jared Kushner, Commercial Associate

Jared graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree focusing in Finance and International Business from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. He is a past recipient of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association Gerald Rewuki Memorial Scholarship and as an International Exchange Student, he was the recipient of the International Centre for Student Exchange Award.

For many years, Jared has been actively tied to his community through his commitment to B’nai Brith Camp. Both as a tripper in the woods and a leader at camp, he has shown both resourcefulness and efficiency in his work. Jared is an organized, responsible, and dedicated individual with strong communication skills.



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