Acquiring More Best Practices in Washington D.C

Yardi is one of the leading technology firms in the real estate sector. They offer a cloud based platform for asset managers and property managers that combines property information with accounting software. As a cloud & mobile product, managers and accountants are able to access data anywhere they can access the internet. This is especially useful while on site at a property.

Shindico has been a Yardi client since 1997, transitioning to the latest version, Voyager 7S, in 2014. Over the years, we have developed a number of custom reports that allow property owners to drill down on the performance of their assets, while giving property managers the tools necessary to make informed decisions. By investing heavily in Yardi, and not simply using the out of the box product like a number of other management firms, we have been able to automate a number of processes and procedures.

Twice a year, Yardi hosts the Advanced Solutions Conference in North America. The goal of the conference is to solicit feedback from its users and showcase new products. Annually, Shindico sends 4-5 employees to conferences in Washington D.C. and California. Below are some highlights:

  1. Inspection Module: We have been using this add-on product for a few years – it allows property managers to complete inspections from a mobile device while on site. By completing the inspection in Yardi as opposed to using a pen and paper, the process is automated and streamlined, especially for support staff. Yardi recently released a new version of the module which includes a number of improvements and tools that we had previously requested. Photos are now large and high resolution, which means users don’t need to spend time manipulating them. Additionally, users can run a report that generates a PDF with all of the pictures from the inspection, with only one photo/page.
  2. Property Takeovers: When a management firm takes over a new property, there is always a concern that some information is missed or not recorded. Yardi now offers a number of features that allow for the mass input of key data for different property types. As a fast-growing company that is well prepared to manage all asset types, this tool will be used frequently by Shindico.

Thousands attend Yardi conferences each year, and we are proud to be one of the only firms representing Manitoba. Over the years, discussing with other industry professionals and sharing common concerns and issues has allowed us to bring new and innovative solutions to our clients. We look forward to continuing this trend, and maximizing Yardi’s performance for our customers.

Alex Akman
Manager, Property Management and Development


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