Is your HVAC equipment being properly maintained?

HVAC equipment is typically one of the biggest investments a retailer makes in their space. A consistent and comfortable temperature is key to driving sales as customers are more likely to leave, than shop, if they are too hot or too cold. As a result, engaging a professional mechanical company to perform routine service is a good idea. Below are three advantages to doing so:

Energy Efficiency

By performing regular maintenance, your unit will be running as efficiently as possible. Changing belts and filters when necessary will ensure that the unit isn’t drawing more power than it needs to. Additionally, if the unit has a functioning economizer, power consumption will be further reduced.


If a unit is forced to run with a clogged filter or broken belt, other components will wear more quickly. Since the equipment requires such a large upfront investment, spending money on preventative maintenance can help avoid a premature replacement.


Roof top units aren’t always in stock locally. This means that when a unit fails, a business can be without heating or cooling. Given Winnipeg’s climate, this is a detriment to not only customers but also staff. The delay could be several weeks and eliminate the ability to conduct a thorough tender.  By getting ahead of any potential problems, or realizing that a unit is on the verge of failure, the necessary lead time can be factored in.

At Shindico we conduct HVAC inspections in the spring and fall at all of our properties. This helps tenants avoid costly downtime while ensuring that equipment is running as efficiently as possible.

Does your professional property manager conduct HVAC inspections on your behalf? 

Alex Akman
Manager, Property Management and Development


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