Preparing Your Property For Winter

As October rolls in, property owners start thinking about winter, and what needs to be done to prepare. Doing preventative maintenance early in the season can help avoid costly repairs and incidents once the cold strikes. Our property management team does a number of inspections in addition to making adjustments to services. Below are three of the many important things you or your property manager should do before winter.

Snow Removal

Every property’s needs are different, but for almost all shopping centres, apartments and industrial buildings, snow clearing is required. Given that snow removal is very expensive, it is important to secure the lowest pricing possible. Professional property managers typically have an edge here, as they are able to carry out a tender on multiple properties and award the same company several properties, usually resulting in better pricing and better service by being a large contracted customer.

Heating Inspection

Neither you nor your tenants want to be without heat on the first frigid day. By inspecting all heating equipment in advance of winter, you can work to avoid this potential problem. If maintaining the heating and cooling equipment is the responsibility of the tenant, it is still a good idea to have your own inspection done.  Early detection of a unit that requires replacing allows financial planning, tendering for best pricing and lead time scheduling, sometimes taking up to 6 weeks, and avoiding of down time during the crucial peak seasons.

Sewer Line Flushing

You should contract a plumber to flush the sewer line at your property regularly in an effort to avoid costly backups. Having this done is especially important for shopping centres that house restaurants. At Shindico, we have this done in early October, before the frost line has a chance to reach the sewer line to cause freeze up blockages.

Properly preparing your property for winter is a lot of work and requires careful planning and foresight. However, in the long run doing so can save you both time and money. If you have retained a property manager to act on your behalf, be sure to ask them what they are doing to professionally prepare your asset for winter!

Alex Akman
Property Administrator


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