Have you done your spring cleanup yet?

Finally, after an early tease, it looks like the nice weather is here to stay! With all the snow gone and warmer nights ahead, we are excited to be able to perform a number of repairs and inspections at our properties. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your commercial property is ready for spring:

Secure a lot sweeper & line painter early

Lining up a lot sweeper and line painter before spring is a good idea for best pricing and to ensure timely completion. An advantage to securing a professional property management firm is their buying power for work like this – with a portfolio-wide tender they will be able to secure a vendor for much less than someone managing the property on their own.

If you have a parking lot that you pile snow in, you’ll likely have a mound of gravel left over like the one below.

Make arrangements to get it hauled away before your lot sweeper and line painter attends. Also, remember that your parking lot lines shouldn’t be painted until weather meets paint manufacturer’s specifications for temperature which is usually a minimum of +5C guaranteed over 24 hours. Be sure your vendor is using a high quality product - not all paint is created equally!

Inspect the parking lot

Our cold Winnipeg winters are very harsh on asphalt and concrete parking lots. Having to scrape them with heavy machinery to remove snow doesn’t help. It is imperative to repair the resulting damage as soon as possible so as to eliminate any potential hazards at the property, and to minimize future harm to parking lot substrate integrity.

While inspecting the parking lot, be sure to check all catch basins and drains. Remove any obstructions and check the catch basin covers – they are easy victims for graders so don’t be surprised if you find one that is broken!

Have your HVAC units inspected

All of the rooftop HVAC units at the properties we manage are inspected in both the spring and the fall. By performing this preventative maintenance, we are able to ensure that the units are running as efficiently as possible. Retaining a certified HVAC contractor can help you reduce your unit’s energy consumption while extending its useful life.  Early detection of issues can prevent further damage to more expensive components, resulting in savings that often outweigh the cost of the inspection.  Be sure to ask your HVAC contractor to change your belts and filters regularly in addition to regular cleaning your unit’s air conditioning condenser coil.

Alex Akman
Property Administrator


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