1, 2, Free Flu Shot!

Turns out everything you have feared about getting a flu shot is true. If you think it's going to make you sick, there's a pretty good chance it will.  However, according to Dr. Ryan from Greencrest Medical Clinic (located at 2750 Pembina Highway)—he will come to you and your office to administer the shot—if you get sick, it's simply your bodies’ way of fighting off the antibodies.

If you think it's going to hurt, I'm not going to lie, it does.  But will it hurt more than the never ending nagging cough and cold with ooey gooey snot filled tissues with a sexy voice that sounds like a Jazz singer happening at least 3 times during the winter season. Painted a pretty picture there eh? 

So here are the perks of the flu shot:
- You're protected from the harsh winter colds spread within the confines of your office.
- The doctor comes to you!  All you need is your MB Health card, 5 minutes and you're set for the season.
- Your arm hurts so much that you're fooled into thinking you've been lifting at the gym, when in reality you've only gotten the flu shot. (Not really a perk, but any excuse to think you've worked out, is always a plus!  ;) )

So what are you waiting for? Call Dr. Ryan today. 


Kaleigh Baumgart
Marketing & Administrative Assistant


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