Daniel Woodall: A Canadian Hero

In early June, Const. Daniel Woodall was shot and killed after trying to fulfill his duties in Edmonton. He, along with his partner Jason Harley, were sent to the house of Norman Raddatz – a man who had previously been at the forefront of anti-Semitic hate crimes – in order to serve an arrest warrant.

It is believed that Norman Raddatz was a man thought to be associated with “Freemen-on-the-land,” a group of individuals who believe they are only bound by laws if they have previously agreed to them. Thus they believe they are independent of the government and in turn, under no obligation to act in accordance with our legal system.

When I heard the news of Daniel Woodall’s passing, it immediately struck a chord with me. Chief Rod Knecht said, “we will forever be in debt for [Const. Dan Woodall’s] actions...But of far greater importance, a wife is without a husband…and two young children are without a loving father.” At a time like this, it is important to come together and lend a hand to those left in grievance. Edmonton saw a flood of support when those nearby began The Blue Ribbon Campaign, a campaign where a blue ribbon is worn in support of the Woodall family. I was able to make a donation at RBC (all locations accept donations), and I strongly encourage everyone reading this to help out in any way that you can.

“Const. Woodall gave his life…in service of the citizens of this city and to this country. His job was to protect all of us from harm, victimization, and from criminal activity,” as no person living in Canada is above the law.

Sandy G. Shindleman, CCIM, SIOR, CIPS, FRICS
President & CEO