Birchwood Art Gallery and Custom Frame Shop

When sisters, Carole Solmundson and Lyn Chercoe, went into business 22 years ago, they never expected to make such an impact in the community. They came from an entrepreneurial family, so you can say that business ran through their veins. They purchased Birchwood Art Gallery on Portage Avenue in 1993. It was a family partnership.

Birchwood Art Gallery provides beauty for your home. They’re known for their selection of wonderful local art as well as doing custom conservation framing. They feel that their framing is the best you can get. The business frames treasures and pride themselves on their workmanship and making sure that their work is the best-in-class. The sisters have earned people’s trust because of their good name and reputation. They get a lot of referral business, and are most proud to have third-generation families coming to them for their framing needs. Carole and Lyn love their business and enjoy what they are doing.

What makes Birchwood Art Gallery stand out is its personal approach. Lyn and Carole tell their clients background stories about the art they are looking at, so they have context to what they are viewing. This brings a sense of connection to the pieces being sold in the store. Carole and Lyn are always available to answer any questions any visitor might have.

They provide their customers with a calm and serene environment while absorbing the artwork in the Gallery. Customers also come to the Gallery to forget about the stresses of life.

Grant Park Festival and the surrounding neighbourhood are fantastic.

Residents come from all areas of the city and province, no matter where the Gallery is located. Moving to this location has given the business a new group of clients because of its location. It’s a convenient stop for people who are going to Dollarama, the dentist’s office or Sobeys, to drop in for their art and framing needs. In addition, there is an abundance of parking, especially in the winter. The parking is always looked after and maintained no matter the season.

They also love the wonderful neighbourhood – as everyone is friendly and feels like a community.

The sisters enjoyed working with Shindico – they are the most wonderful ‘family’ first of all. They believe that Sandy is not a landlord – but rather a friend.

We, at Shindico, feel the same way. Carole and Lyn are more than just our clients – they’re our friends, and we have a huge amount of respect for them. This has resulted in a great personal and business relationship over the years.

Bob Peters
Property Manager