Manitoba’s Time to Shine

Manitoba’s economy is expected to grow over the next few years to become one of the strongest in the country. It’s our time to shine, Friendly Manitoba! Although our province’s economic boom hasn’t been as meteoric as others’ (with some values doubling and tripling in a very short period), we still know how to get the most out of our stable diversified growing economy – with well planned real estate.

Manitoba’s Booming Economy

  • 2.9% — Forecasted GDP growth in 2015 (second highest in the country), compared with 1.8% in Canada.
  • 7% — Forecasted employment growth in 2015 (top in the country), compared with 0.9% in Canada.
  • 1% — Forecasted unemployment rate in 2015 (second lowest in the country), compared with 6.8 per cent in Canada.
  • 3% — Forecasted growth in retail sales in 2015, compared with 2.7% in Canada.

— source: Conference Board of Canada

2016 could be an even better year for Manitoba – possibly the best in Canada – with forecasted overall growth of 3%

Oil-drilling Rigs
Oil-drilling Rigs

It’s undeniable that the decline in oil prices has affected Alberta the most, and while Manitoba is technically a “Prairie” province, it’s important to note that our economy will not feel the impact as greatly as the others. With a diversified mix of primary industries, manufacturing, transportation and an abundance of natural resources, Manitoba’s economy has been made largely recession-resistant.

We know that we’re sitting on many natural resources that we have yet to exploit. We know that there is potash in the ground, we know that the oil sands run all the way into Manitoba, we know that we have diamonds and nickel and an abundance of fresh water and significant capacity to generate hydroelectric and clean power. When oil and energy prices stabilize and strengthen, Manitoba will have an opportunity to play a key role in these industries.

Hydroelectric Clean Power
Hydroelectric Clean Power

Yes, it will take time and major investment to create the network and infrastructure for efficient exporting, but we believe the future belongs to Manitoba and that the rewards will far outweigh the costs and potential risks.

People all over the world are investing in Canada. Our attractive Canadian dollar and geographic diversification make our country an ideal investment choice. Manitoba provides both stable and reliable investment returns over the economic lifecycle with the potential for growth.

With political and economic instability affecting Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, and South America, more and more family offices are turning to Canada and developing relationships with Shindico in an effort to add Canadian real estate to their investment portfolios.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Manitoba is a great retail trade area and serves a big secondary and tertiary market, which goes right to the USA and into Northwestern Ontario. We’re a traditional centre of commerce and have been for decades with the advent of both major railways coming through here. We have a 24-hour international airport and a solid, reliable workforce.

At Shindico, we constantly strive to offer our clients innovative and effective business solutions with superior service that sets us apart. Because we succeed by helping you succeed.

Sandy Shindleman, CCIM, SIOR, CIPS, FRICS
President and CEO